December 4, 2013 Weekly Meeting


Another great FNE Meeting! Following our opening prayer and Timber Wolf Howl we discussed this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading about John the Baptist. As usual, Baloo planned two great games: The Balloon Juggling Game and The Marshmallow Kick, Throw, and Blow Contest. With 3/4 of a bag of marshmallow left we decided to have a little contest of Dodge-ball (marshmallow style) with our new sixes.

Congratulations to Anthony and Braden our new sixers! Thank you for your leadership and excellent example to the younger boys in our Den!

Thank you to Akela Paul for getting the Timber Wolf Handbooks to us! As you can see, the boys can’t put them down.

We are nearly in full uniform! Thank you to Christian’s grandma for sewing on all of our badges! The boys were very excited to get into uniform.

Thank you God for the blessing of our FNE/FSE brothers and sisters here in Madison and around the world. You are always in our prayers!

November 6, 2013 Weekly Meeting


Timber Wolves listening intently to Baloo’s explanation about the Sadducees in this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading.


Timber Wolves working together in the crocodile race.


What did you say? Timber Wolves playing the telephone game.


The memory game. Baloo grades the Timber Wolves papers to see how well they did.



Pictures from our fifth weekly meeting!


image  image

Our Timber Wolves tried on their new uniform shirts to be sure of correct sizing before we sew on the correct FNE badges. They also got to try out their new berets! The boys are excited to get into uniform! St. Michael the Archangel Timber Wolf Den is blessed to have eight Timber Wolves. I would also like to introduce you to our great leader, Baloo!

The second picture is of our weekly Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the tabernacle.

1st Northern Lights FNE St. Michael the Archangel Timber Wolf Den!

image image image

I apologize for the delay in pictures. These pictures are from our first meeting.

The 1st Northern Lights FNE has been up and running since our first meeting on September 4th. In addition to our weekly meetings we held our first campout on September 27th and 28th complete with a campfire program and Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the Tabernacle. The following morning we woke to a hot breakfast prior to Reconciliation and Mass. October 26th we met for Reconciliation and Mass prior to raking leaves for an older couple in our parish. We returned to our parish for lunch and pumpkin carving. Please know that the entire FNE/FSE movement and our fellow brothers and sisters are in our prayers here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Northern Lights FNE Group – Madison, Wisconsin

The Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) is proud to announce the formation of the Northern Lights FNE Group in Madison, Wisconsin! More details below:

Group Leader: Jeff Bond, jeffbond7(at)
Group Name: Northern Lights FNE Group
Group Colors: Crimson and Blue

Northern Lights:
We chose Northern Lights for the following reasons: The northern lights (aurora borealis) are also known as Heavenly Lights; we are one of the northernmost states in the USA; and to represent the Light of Christ.

Crimson and Blue:
Crimson represents the blood of Jesus and the martyrs, blue represents Mary and the Wisconsin state flag, the brown woggle represents humility and service.

Q. What sections will you be offering upon start up?
A. We are starting with St. Michael the Archangel Timber Wolf Den with the plan of adding Explorers and Otters next fall.

Q. How did you hear about FNE and why did you choose to join?
A. I was lead to FNE while searching for a group for my two sons. I was initially drawn to the FNE website in June and after speaking with Akela Chris, my oldest son and I found ourselves at summer camp in July. With much prayer and help from Akela Paul and Akela Chris, the 1st Northern Lights held their first Timber Wolf meeting in September!